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Q&A with MJ - Part 1

Questioner – Shayla
Answerer – Melanie


On occasion, Melanie humors me while I channel my inner Oprah, and lets me ask her all kinds of random questions. Here’s a snippet of a conversation that the team thought we should post as a blog. Next time, I’ll get it on video…(Because she LOVES VIDEO) #NOT!


Shayla Jackson: What do you Love about working in Ops?

Melanie Jocson: Being able to be creative in getting things done. Advisors ask us for things, but there are so many creative ways to get things done. 


SJ: What is your definition of conscious capitalism, and how does that play out at VPG?

MJ: It plays out at VPG with the businesses we support and align ourselves with. It's important to me that as much as possible, we work with vendors, and advisors who share a common view of conscious capitalism. The work we do is contributing to the success of advisors and vendors, so we want to contribute to the success of cool people who are moving business forward in a positive way.


SJ: What learned lesson, took you the longest to learn?

MJ: Make a decision and act quickly. Sometimes, I've waited too long to make a final decision because I felt afraid and unsure. But, I've learned more to trust my gut and just let things play out.


SJ: Where can we find Melanie within VPG?

MJ: You can find me in the way that we create procedures. I'm a big procedures person. You can also find me in the value system and the way the company is run. What I'd like to see more of, is me (my persona) in the customer service experience.There are a lot of good things that the team's are doing, but I'd like to have them more streamlined and more consistent.


SJ: How does VPG differ from its competitors?

MJ: We value each other. We truly are a team. Most of our competitors do this as a one or at the most two person team, and for others, as a part time, or side job. This isn't our side job. Our entire team is dedicated to servicing advisors, most specifically in Back Office Operations. That is our niche. That is our primary focus. Period!


SJ: Imagine you’re speaking to your future VPG team members..what is the most important thing that you can say to them right now that you want them to know.

MJ: Picture it (Vegas 2021, there are 100 VPG employees and we've gathered for a conference in Las Vegas.) MJ steps to the mic and says: 

- There will be good days and bad days. Try to make it so that you have more good days than bad. 

- And procedures...procedures are really important (Always start with one). 

- If one of us fails, we've all failed in some way. We are not individuals, we're a team!


I asked Melanie to finish these sentences. Her answers are in quotes:

Small businesses need……
"support on every level". " a network of other business people to talk to, in and out of their field." "representation on a political level. Many say they're looking out for small businesses but they're not." 

VPG needs…….

I believe……..
"The next six months we're going to be bombarded with work. And that we're going to get  more transitions.”

Success is…..
"Whatever someone makes of it! Personally for me, it's being able to afford the things I need, and having the freedom to do the things that I want to do."

I know for sure that.....
"What we're doing with marketing is going to be a good thing. It will move us towards the kinds of clients and audience we want.