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The Virtual Advisor – The Evolution of the VPG Advisor Prospect

By: Melanie Jocson


I started VPG in 2006. When we first started, I spoke to advisors about the benefits of outsourcing and hiring a virtual assistant. At that time, it was really difficult and I had to do a lot of convincing to get them to hire me. In those days, I often had to have several conversations in a matter of six or more months before I turned an advisor into a VPG client.  

Today, the conversation has shifted. Most advisors now understand the benefits of outsourcing and the benefits of hiring a VA. The kinds of questions I field now are much more technical.  How does your team handle "x"? What systems do you use? What can I expect if I get an urgent request?   

Looking forward, I see more and more advisors moving towards a virtual back office. Younger advisors want to create business models that are more mobile, and adaptable. And as the industry evolves, we continue to look for ways to improve how we help advisors service their clients more efficiently.

  1. Utilizing technology without increasing work:   
    • Use CRMs more effectively   
    • Use custodians' provided resources like LaserApp, DocuSign, to streamline the new account process and other signature required documents
  2. Capturing our procedures more effectively:   
    • Utilizing CRMs (especially Redtail's) workflows and automation functions    
    • Documenting step by step procedures in a word doc and/or a short video 
  3. Training! Training! Training! :   
    • Attending custodian and software in person training sessions (like Schwab Solutions or Redtail University) and online webinars   
    • Learning about new programs that are coming out and whether our current advisors may be able to utilize them

Our primary focus has stayed consistent over the last 10 years: Help clients, Help advisors, Have fun!