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Virtual Partners Group has formed alliances

Virtual Partners Group has formed alliances with a number of industry leading companies that are recognized globally. These companies recognize the power of Virtual Partners Group and the business value that joint cooperation can bring to our customers.


Redtail Technology CRM

Redtail Technology is a leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), paperless office and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. Easily affordable, easy to implement and offering integration with many of the industry's most widely-used applications, Redtail is committed to providing financial advisors with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations. CRM is ultimately about not only acquiring and managing your clients and prospects – it's also about servicing them and, in turn, extracting value from the relationships. At the same time, it's about doing all of these things while simultaneously improving operational efficiency. Visit www.redtailtechnology.com for more information.


Back Office Support Service (BOSS)

Comprehensive portfolio data administration and reporting services on an outsource basis. Our experts handle every aspect of maintaining your database and ensure you have current account information at your fingertips. We also offer flexible reporting and billing services to further simplify your life. BOSS takes the headaches out of managing your data. And, we do it quickly, reliably, and cost effectively!


ProTracker Advantage

ProTracker Advantage® is a comprehensive, client-centered contact and practice management system specifically created by and for financial advisors. The intuitive navigation, central calendaring, email archiving capability, built-in document management and interfaces with portfolio management and financial planning software, are features designed to increase productivity and profitability in busy professional offices.


Virtual Solutions for Advisors

Virtual Solutions for Advisors is an alliance of companies that services financial advisory firms in all aspects of their businesses. The site houses an easily-accessible, centralized database of outsourcing solutions and resources. The firms came together to form an alliance that serves as a one-stop solution for all advisory firms outsourcing and service needs. VS4A is not compensated in any way for these recommendations; the goal is to help firms find the best service providers to meet their needs. The organization also discusses the hurdles in growing a practice and come together to create affordable solutions.



NetDocuments is a (SaaS) company and their vision is to leverage Web and the SaaS delivery model to offer the world's most efficient document service, including the management and collaboration of work in process documents and emails, document images, and documents as records. NetDocuments is used in legal, real estate, financial services, health services and a variety of other businesses who wish to have organization and universal access for their documents. It is also used by SMB and enterprise companies. The common need of NetDocuments' customers is to manage all document work and have all documents disaster recoverable at any time for any reason. Click here to see their site.



WealthTrace provides web-based retirement planning software for financial advisors that is the most client-interactive in the industry. Advisors can vector assumptions, such as inflation and total returns, through time, changing them to any value in any year. The software also allows advisors to run multiple scenarios at one time and view the results in front of them, not buried in pages of reports. Move assumptions up and down using our user-friendly sliders and watch the charts and outputs change in real time. Both advisors and their clients love the interactivity, ease of use, and thorough on-screen explanations of what is happening. Perhaps best of all, the cost can be as much as half of other retirement planning applications that do not have the flexibility and interactivity of WealthTrace. For more information visit www.mywealthtrace.com.



Trumpet is a leading provider of document management and document assembly solutions for the financial planning community. Since 1999, the Trumpet team has partnered with financial advisory firms to deploy a suite of robust software packages to improve the workflow efficiencies within practices throughout the country. Whether you are a new firm hesitant of the technology choices facing your firm, or a well-established firm looking to take advantage of new technology, Trumpet has the experience to help you make the right decisions.  For more information visit www.trumpetinc.com.


FPA of Los Angeles FPA's individual members include financial planners, many of whom hold the CFP certification or are pursuing CFP certification. Other individual members include practitioners such as accountants, attorneys, bankers, charitable giving specialists, insurance agents, stockbrokers, money managers, investment consultants, broker-dealer and corporate executives, and others who champion the financial planning process. Visit www.fpala.org for more information.


United Capital

United Capital is the first and largest national financial life management company.  United Capital is a privately owned and managed firm with more than 500 employees and over 80 offices in the United States.  The home office is located in Newport Beach, California with an operations hub in Dallas, Texas.

United Capital acquires regional practices and partners with independent advisers and offers centralized back office operations, customized advice, investment management support and practice management resources. United Capital guides clients through wealth management while helping clients identify what matters most to them in life in order to provide guidance on any necessary tradeoffs to financially reach their goals. Visit www.unitedcp.com for more information.