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Our services help financial advisers get ahead and stay there

Back office efficiency and staff retention are key issues at financial planning firms. Virtual Partners Group offers an assortment of services for the financial planning community, including:  



  • Confirm appointments
  • Schedule meetings
  • Scan documents and upload virtual files
  • Print, assemble & mail portfolio reports, invoices and correspondence
  • Send out birthday cards/gifts and update compliance logs
  • Track and update CE (Continuing Education) credits


  • Place & follow up on trades
  • Run portfolio reports
  • Update client database and other software as needed on Portfolio Management systems


  • Process & follow-up on new account applications and transfers
  • Process & setup new clients in custodian systems and advisor databases
  • Handle account administration problems for clients
  • Handle cashiering and other money movement requests
  • Check current account values for clients with recurring withdrawals
  • Cost Basis reports
  • Terminate client/advisor relationships & process refunds
  • Prepare & send monthly/quarterly invoicing and deduct fees from client accounts
  • Answer accountant and attorney requests for client information
  • Answer incoming client calls
  • Year End Tax Planning
  • Setup Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) for retirement accounts
  • Tax Reporting
  • Setup recurring IRA contributions


  • Print, assemble & mail marketing packets
  • Create & send out DRIP marketing program
  • Website maintenance & updates
  • Online social networking (working with marketing staff)


  • Review compliance manuals
  • Review & update compliance logs and forms
  • Coordinate with compliance to update and send annual ADV and Privacy Policy notices


  • Balance checkbook and update accounting records
  • Pay bills and taxes


  • Prepare materials for client meetings
  • Prepare & send quarterly portfolio reports

IT Support

  • Basic office software troubleshooting
  • Cloud service troubleshooting and training
  • Cloud e-mail and office solutions
  • Mobile device configuration and troubleshooting
  • Security awareness training (offered 2x per year)
  • Security software installation and configuration
  • Proactive threat monitoring and reporting
  • Basic system & network monitoring and remote support access with end-user alerting
  • SPAM & Antivirus E-mail Gateway
  • Indefinite e-mail Archiving and Retention
  • Full hard drive encryption
  • Project consulting, design and implementation
  • Backup services

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The scope of our services are defined by the needs of your firm. This allows us to customize our offerings for smaller and larger companies. The advantage is that advisers can grow their business while ensuring the quality of client service remains the same from the first to the last client.

Virtual Partners Group provides our transitions team with a highly capable and customized A-Z support solution. Melanie and her team deliver professional and excellent service in a timely and reliable manner. They listen, they communicate, they are flexible and they get stuff done! VPG is an invaluable partner for us.

Ryan D. Beck, Director of Asset Transitions at United Capital Financial Life Management