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Q&A with MJ - Part 1

By: Shayla Jackson - #Q&A - Melanie humors me while I channel my inner Oprah. Next time, I’ll get it on video… (Because she LOVES VIDEO) #NOT!

Re: Internet and email safety

By: Tom Sheeley - #TechTalks - So I got a weird email the other day, but I'm the "IT guy" for the office, and I know I didn't send this.

The "Redtail Cleanup Challenge"

By: Melanie Jocson - #MJTHINKS - An advisor recently asked for our help with cleaning up his CRM. His firm wants to take advantage of Redtail’s LaserApp and DocuSign integrations but can’t because their client data on Redtail isn’t complete.

“So, you think you want a VA...”

By: Melanie Jocson - #MJTHINKS - It sounds cool and sexy to be able to have someone do the work that you don't want to do. Who wouldn't want that? But, here are four things to consider before you start delving into the VA hemisphere.